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When Danger is on the Horizon

When I think back over my life and take a look at how God has kept me, I have to give Him praise. As I was traveling the interstate this morning to church, I recalled an incident. I try to make it a habit of not driving other people’s vehicles. This one day I was riding with a friend and her kids to gulfport. On the return home we stopped for food. Well, everyone placed an order but me. So as we were heading back to the truck, I stop and ask for the keys so I could drive. Mind you this is something I am not fond of and will only do when necessary and to mention she was driving someone’s else vehicle. She hands me the keys and we go on our way. I am driving down the interstate when another car suddenly leaves the road and I catch it out of the corner of my eye. Like most times when I am warned to be on alert about something. I notice the other driver does not have control because the car was all over the place. I tell everyone in the car to brace themselves; the vehicle (a big body) was headed straight for us. They never saw it. It would have slammed right into the driver’s side door and rolled us as big as the car was and at the speed it was traveling. When I tell you Jesus took the wheel, believe it, because that is what He did. We were steered in a manner that kept the car from hitting us and they were guided to the other side of the road. I don’t believe things just happen by happenstance! But God! Do you care to share a time when he kept you? Beloved, I praise God for you and with you! He is able and no one was harmed that day and they were able to continue to enjoy their Popeye’s snack! Merry Christmas! I pray that each of you are blessed and safe this holiday season. Rejoice! There is always a reason too! With Love, Angie

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